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  9. Having travelled in some very poor 'have-not' areas of the world recently, I have a newfound appreciation for home in Australia. That's why I would really love to travel more in Oz- there is just so much to see in this wonderful country of ours! We are truly lucky 🙂

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  42. you and your outfit look gorgeous against the floral backdrop! thanks for getting back to me about your drawing btw. it seems that so many people are using tablets nowadays to create amazing artwork! I’ve been thinking of getting a tablet myself haha

  43. his rocket quilt looks awesome. i need some more boys to make quilts for! we have some adorable robot fabric at the shop screaming at me, and now some sweet car fabric.what about framing some fabric bits? his room looks great (especially those curtains)

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  67. *Hugs* I feel you Sonja, I really do. That’s how I feel on the bike. More and more time in the saddle and while my bike handling skills have improved, my times are the same as last year. Even after buying a well-fitted tri bike. Sigh.We just have to have faith that our hard work month after month will break down that extra-thick wall and we will come out stronger athletes for it.

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  70. AnneMarieFOD / I cannot wait to get this CD/DVD! I attended the Sunday performance and it was such a beautiful, moving experience! I also cannot wait to share this with family and friends! Everyone is getting a copy! :)That weekend holds such special memories for me and with the wonderful folks I was able to experience it with! 🙂

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