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  9. Il post è perfettamente aderente alla realtà; è talmente vero e naturale che non riesco neanche ad indignarmi. Calza, come la scarpa di cristallo di Cenerentola, la definizione: “lo stato italiano è del tutto orientato a se stesso”…. basta vedere la totale inettitudine e servilismo di ogni strato del nostro stato nella politica estera.

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  11. Fint indlæg om at enkelthed i gøren og væren kan betyde meget. Umiddelbart tænker jeg på det med Tak. Det at sige tak til livet, også når det er svært. For det er altid muligt at lære, hvis vi tør åbne os for det.

  12. Als je bedenkt dat pas na de holocaust Nederland , volgens eigen zeggen, een joods-christelijke traditie kent, wordt het je toch een beetje angstig om het hart. Want wat zal er dan eerst moeten gebeuren willen de wildersen en de rutten en al die andere accepteren dat Nederland ooit een joods-christelijke -islamitische trdite zal kennen?

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  15. I was sexually molested by my dad… yet I still cried when he died… so exactly how is it that somene cannot believe a child does not want to see a parent dead?Just because a child may be fighting for a parent… it does not mean they were never abused by this person…

  16. 1bedan,i love you brother, so this is in no way meant as an attack, but is a genuine question:could the “no doctrinal statement” stereotype come from the fact that out of the 5 pastors, the one who doesn’t have a statement of faith is probably the loudest voice or has the biggest platform (arguably)?i am looking forward to the book.

  17. i love this show been watching it for like over 9 yrs im 22 yrs old live in baltimore md and i want to be on this show sooooo freaky bad i will cut my cut off dye it blue green red orange whatever idk only thing im 5’3 helppp me when will there be another short season.

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  21. Seuls les suppôts du totalitarisme communiste préfèrent parler de propagande anti-chinoise le fait de rappeler le système esclavagiste communiste, et d’agent américains ceux qui le dénonce. Ce n’est pas les chinois qui sont critiqués mais les cocos!Le premier ministre a vu sa fortune estimée à 2,7 milliards. La corruption des membres du PC dans tous les pays est connue de tous.

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  26. Emquanto aqui no Brasil reina a mais perfeita DEMOCRACIA. Estado pleno de liberdade e respeito aos direitos civis. Reflexo disso é a candidata que que deu suporte ao atual governo nos últimos oito anos e defensora do continuísmo, vai apresentar a mais elastecida vitória dos últimos trinta anos. DILMA 13, para o Brasil continuar mudando!!!

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  29. It seems to me that professors who are enthusiastic about their research can be equally so with their students. Of course not all are and for those, Jordan makes fair comment. However, not all students are excited about learning and some will readily credit their unexciting grade to poor teaching. Many students and professors really enjoy being in class. It takes all kinds!

  30. I’m not saying that? beeing poor and beeing part of a shattered family is wrong. sometimes its not a life choice some are forced like the countries of third world. . While the swines who exploit them get fatter! I’m refering to the people of middle class like myself. ”the workers” . If you live in a develop? country one does not tell children to fight over trivial matters, like skin colours or a piece of bread. One teaches good values like friendship and loyalty.

  31. angeli charles October 30, 2012 – 2:24 pm May your soul rest in peace. And to his dear ones, may the peace of God be with you and strengthen you and your family during this tough time. One day, we will be united again in Heaven, as we have a Saviour who gives us hope and he will not fail us. I am inspired by his message and redefining my priority now.. All Praise and Honour to Jesus Christ Alone. Amen.

  32. Hi mavisIm not sure. If there is a chance of the secondment turning perm, then I will definately take it…but going into it KNOWING full well its a 6 months contract – I will possibly not do that. It leaves too much uncertainties and doubts, and I will be restricted to not job hunting for at least another 4 months, which means that if an opportunity comes up now, I will be ditching my bonus and my redundancy payment for the new job – its about £6k in total, which will miles for me.hmm…dont know..:(

  33. Overvaluing the trade value of crappy-to-mediocre players is probably my favorite fan habit. I’d say about half of the mock drafts floating around Texans’ blogs before the 2011 draft were centered around the idea of trading Amobi Okoye, Steve Slaton, and Zach Diles for a first-round pick. “If we just bundle up enough shitty players, somebody is bound to bite!”

  34. Hallo,ich finde Pralinen selbst herzustellen ist schon großes Kino. So klein sie sind, sie brauchen einige Zeit und Übung um so auszusehen wie sie aussehen sollen. Dennoch werde ich mich dran wagen.Grüsse Ulrike

  35. Wanda,Jax is short for Jacksonville, a city in Florida. Forget that comment I made.What I was getting at was why so stern? You seem to come across as a bit arrogant. No one is upset about unsaved homosexuals.But I agree with you on the premise that we need to do something about the predators in the SBC.

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  40. Yeah, you really need good towels, haha. That was close, huh? Poor you. Be strong, ya…@Kit: Yeah, it's definitely not easy. First few days I was happy to see them. But when the daily routines sunk in, it just started to be harder for me. I plan to return in Oct, Nov… shall see.

  41. Thank you for the warm welcoming, Tonya 🙂 I'm super excited to be part of the team and I can't wait to see all of the beautiful creations from the followers of the challege blog and true fans of the gorgeous Inky stamps 🙂

  42. Erst einmal Glückwunsch. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass die Zusammenführung neben dem weiterhin heiß laufenden Tagesgeschäft einiges an Zeit aber auch Substanz raubt. Von daher wünsche ich euch einen schnellen Abschluß, auf das ihr euch bald wieder voll auf die wichtigen Dinge, die nebenbei Spaß machen, konzentrieren könnt.

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  46. Wir leben in einer Welt, in der wir immer noch brav die Hand heben müssen, wenn wir etwas sagen wollen würden. Und dann warten, bis wir aufgerufen werden. Wir bleiben null-partizipatorisch bis wir entdecken, was die Quelle der Entmündigung ist und sie beheben.Und uns von unserem Wahn zu trennen, dass diese Quelle der Entmündigung irgendwann einmal dazu gedacht war uns aus der selbst-verschuldeten Unmündigkeit zu führen.

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  48. அய்யய்யோ அப்ப “இடி”யூரப்பவுக்கு பயந்துதான் நித்தி மதுரையே வந்தாரா… நித்தி கட்டுரையை பற்றிய “கருத்தில்” இருந்தே தெரியும் மக்கு மன்னாரு தி கிரேட்டு ப்ப்ப்ப்பீயானு…. அது சரி ரொம்ப நாளா ஆளையே காணல எங்க பெல்லாரி டூரா?

  49. "Let's assume that it has zero affect on non-blacks."-That's so unfair! And racist! You … cracka! You honkie!Rap artists are artistic geniuses. They influence everyone, even those unaware of it. We only live in their world.

  50. Remeber when you mentiond the fremont troll a few days ago? I sware it looked familar, and I figured Id seen it since my aunt lives in seattle. And today we came over from tacoma were we've been staying with my grandma for a week, and there is a picture of the troll on there wall. So I'm trying to get us all to go see it today. 😀

  51. mungkin yang perlu di adalah partai politiknya,kalo saja para parpol itu berpikiran jernih,tidak hanya memikirkan popularitas dan mengumpulkan pundi2 dana yang seolah-olah jika mau menjadi calon pemimpin harus menyetorkan dana yang di minta parpol itu. maka tiap daerah bisa maju dan terarah. (sory….jawabnya asal jeplak ajah…hehehehehe)

  52. Anon #1, Let's take what you say at face value. Therefore, given the percentage of people getting rather than contributing, around 40% of taxpayers are "poor".Sorry, chuckles, if 40% are impoverished, there's a problem with the definition.Her's a thought – let's get government out of the way, so people can support themselves rather than the bureaucracy. Let's try something with a chance of working.

  53. 3-4-2010 eso es cierto … los músicos que por desgracia caen en el alcohol, la droga, pierden su capacidad de manipular sus instrumentos, dando pobres y mediocres espectí¡culos.Y de esto creo estí¡n todos consientes.Es como el futbolista que se va de chupa un dia antes de un partido. Si lo alí­nean, valdrí¡ verga en la cancha y la gente se arrecharí¡ y los directivos lo sancionarí¡n y expulsarí¡n del equipo. Ací¡ es lo mismo.

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  60. I agree with Maya! Seven is a great number to end on given the great significance the number had throughout the series. I have SO many unanswered questions! What about the winged ones introduced in the first trilogy? I feel that they deserve some more backstory. Will the people of Faerie ever be winged again?? I have more questions, but I feel like they would be spoiler questions. But thank you for giving us this great story to read, I have enjoyed it immensely.

  61. I’m having a lot of fun right now with a novella/novelette (I’m not sure of the distinction between the two but I like the word novelette better because I can picture it on a pretty plate with a paper doily. Not, of course, that it’s that kind of story, but still….)Looking forward to meeting Madison!

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  63. UNA PREGUNTA: entre la publicación de la convocatoria y el inicio de las pruebas, ¿cuánto tiempo suele pasar? Es decir, si se anuncia la convocatoria después del verano (septiembre??), la pruebas empezarían en… octubre? noviembre? diciembre?……………….

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  69. bueno, depende mucho, pero el arma del afecto, es siempre muy útil, sobretodo para dártelas de bkn y engrupirse al alemán de intercambio por él que las compañeritas de U babeaban, jejejeje…sin embargo, y haciendo alusión a las diferencias culturales, es una cosa de que las mujeres chilenas funcionan bajo la lógica de dominación-sumisión… pasan de una a otra, lo mismo que los hombres, aunque de forma menos explícita, lo cual hace además que en carácter seamos distintos a otros latinos… y lo de bañarse, siempre se agradece…

  70. ..but I commented on your friendship with the woman who did your wedding cake so long ago..your sweet Murphy..and on your olden farm animals..gosh..it was a good comment! Whatever the case..what a NICE post..but your posts are always interesting!

  71. I was growing up when I said I was going to try to be more prof’ly dressed! Not really worried about attention, I just like to be comfy. And I like to keep the bar low, so when we do have to dress up, I don’t have to try as hard. Hee!

  72. Adeline dit :Dans la série burlesque, leur sketch du toucan (l’un du trio littéralement perché sur l’épaule d’un autre) est celui qui m’a le plus fait rire… Et dans la même veine absurde, allez découvrir les maîtres en la matière : les Chiche Capon !

  73. I’ve got several Ontario machetes. The standard, the ‘long’ one, with the loop on the handle, and the ‘sawback’ one. For just a couple dollars more, the sawback has fast become my favorite. Also, if you go with an Ontario, look for one with the GI style sheath. It may be the best sheath I have ever seen for a machete.


  75. De 1947 à la poignée de main préélectorale entre Giscard et l’ambassadeur de L’URRS, les cocos ont été les allies objectifs de la droite. Une droite à 55/60% et un PC à 23/27 %, les vaches étaient bien gardées. Le PS de l’époque à la présidentielle de 1969 5 ou 6 %, 2 droites au 2 eme tour! Les cocos n’existent que par leur capacité de nuisances, jusqu’à la veille des élections municipales! Un Melenchon incapable d’être élu dans un scrutin direct avec une stratégie de coucou, pathétique. Rendez vous en 2014 .

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  77. I think you represent the spirit of hospitality of Moroccans so well. I find Moroccans always so welcoming, and considerate, and open to visitors. You are to be commended.I am an expatriate, and so I am a guest in your country. I therefore am going to be equally offended when someone who is also an expatriate does not show up Westerners well. You, as a Moroccan, are doing your duty as a host. I must do my duty as a guest, and be offended when those who come to your country make no attempt to abide by the standards and culture of the country.

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  255. I’d agree with the idea that men generate body image pressures in men, just as women generate the same pressures in women (I’ve heard women judged as ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’ as many times by women). While it’s certainly true that men put pressure on women to conform to an ideal standard of beauty, I’d argue it’s just as true that women expect men to conform to their standards. It’s not necessarily ‘washboard abs’ – just as the vast majority of men don’t demand porn stars.I’m also still not sold on the hair is healthier bit. I don’t see much evidence either way.

  256. The crack-head sitting on the concrete step in front of my house talking to himself for hours on end, and I wholeheartedly agree with you – as always. One doesn't even have to drive along St. Paul. A quick stroll from Eastman Quadrangle across the river and into the 9th ward should be sufficient.

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  258. Just a nit: "sports as war by other means…" To wit- Football is war without weapons (gain territory at expense of opponent). However- baseball is a hunting ritual (played with clubs and traps), golf is a 'liberty' ritual (self governing and right-of-way). Further explanation upon request.

  259. RE: – Thanks, I plan on listening. The Vancouver housing market is poised for an absolute meltdown and I think this is going to be interesting to watch. No doubt, one hears plenty of “we are different” up there north of the border. – Rate this comment: 0  0

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  262. I agree about trying the anti-nausea medications. And if for some reason she’s not allowed to take them with her chemo, talk to her doctor about giving her a placebo. If you think it’s psychological, even a placebo would help! She’s in my prayers.

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