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  1. Thank you for posting these tips! I’ve been a bit frustrated b/c our bathroom is a small space (we’re not knocking out walls) and we’re on a budget. This gives me practical perspective on the important aspects.Can’t wait to see the final product!

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  10. i dont think they will publish .. belum tentu ‘ada kes’, kosmo boleh kena saman. ada saya publish artikel pada tahun 2006, tips mengenal pasti watak jujur-jujur di myj.not many read.bab pinjamkan duit tu, selalu sangat dipesan jangan diberi pinjam duit, kad kredit, buku ASB, buku Tabung Haji .. macam tak ada orang peduli nasihat saya.

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  13. I would like to see you climbing into a white stretch limo with steer horns on the front and a disco ball inside, wearing this groovy outfit! I was weaned on Motown and Soul Train and like your musical accompaniment. I'm glad I don't know what a (ssshhh, primark) is. It sounds like the the name of that nasty virus – a nasty case of (ssshhh, primark!). You look ready to boogie anyway, and those palazzo pants make your legs look a mile long! Gorgeous, gorgeous!

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  17. HelloI have a problem with youtube these days,when i click on any video link in youtube, only the area which shows the player and video is shown, i can't see anything else; the page is all blank except the player, which then goes to the left-up side of the page; it starts, but i can't see anything else, no rate, no comment; …what is wrong?

  18. Renee – I just have to tell you how impressed I am with you, I was just telling Kevin last night on the phone how amazing you are. I loved watching you teach the children for just a few minutes in Primary yesterday, you are full of gifts and I’m glad we get to have you!!!January 10, 2011 – 10:50 am

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  20. I am 70 years old and 0bama has already said that if I have a terminal disease and need a hip replacement (let's say) his program will not permit it. Look what he said about his grandmother and you know I am not kin to him, I am 100% black and scared to death of his health care plan. I am very, very satisfied with the way things are. If those who don't have health insurance want a government run program then give them one and leave the rest of us alone.

  21. I am a retired female nurse. Do you take people on tours to mexico, or something along that line? I just found your book at the library in oakland park, florida, and thank you It was great. Liked reading about Lorena and Steve, and it was funny also.

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  25. 14fInterview très agréable, tu es beaucoup plus naturelle qu’elle , sur beaucoup de plans…. sa première chanson semble plus se référer à Oasis qu’ aux Beatles et je pensais qu’elle évoquerait Tom Waits..m’enfin, elle a du coffre. et toi de la classe, quelle aisance ! Bravo Deedee128

  26. You nailed it on the head. Carbon Tax Derivitives traded just like other derivitives and guess who is in the middle of the trade? JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.Yeah, wake up. Global warming = carbon tax derivitives = Goldman Sachs debt slaves – real climate issues that go unnoticed because you can’t make money on it.

  27. Je crois également que c’est la « clôture » qui a fait « clôturer ». Quand on arrête un bilan, on parle de la clôture de l’exercice, de la date de clôture, donc tout naturellement on « clôture » les comptes, et par là même les assemblées qui décident de l’affectation des résultats de ces mêmes comptes.D’ailleurs mon Robert écrit que clore vient de « claudere » et que clôturer vient de …clôture !

  28. My friend Caity and I have our road trip scheduled for next summer. It’s not exactly cross country, but she’s going to get at least 2 more baseball parks under her belt (she wants to hit them all in her lifetime) and we’re going to visit my college, my family and several of our friends along the way as well. It’s still a year away but we’re both really excited!

  29. Hey! Not been back for some time and yet I find I’ve been linked in! Thanks for that. As for the cheeky t-shirt ask, pm me…..Your bike seems to be a popular one for magazine reviewers, and MBUK has one as a long-term ride. I’ve a soft spot for Salsa stuff so it’s nice to see them making inroads onto the trails once again.PIJ

  30. Tin minte ca eu am luat-o de la biblioteca pentru ca mi-a placut coperta, fara sa stiu ceva despre ea. Am citit-o ca o apucata si, dupa ce am terminat si volumul doi, nu stiam ce sa fac ca sa nu ma mai gandesc la ea pana aparea volumul trei. Nu stiu de ce, dar asta nu m-a impresionat asa de tare.

  31. I am swiftly fast at most things I do, until Emily stopped me cold in my shoes one day. She was only three years old……and she prefaced everything she said with “mommy really quick I want to tell you something”..I asked her why she said that and she said that you are always so fast and moving or something like that she felt if she had to speak it had to be fast. That day my life slowed way down. Great words of wisdom today.

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  34. Excelente revista, son novo no vicio. Non sei cal é o meu debuxo favorito, o Turismo a galega de Xaquín, os interesantísimos consellos, ei, onde para o bus para Matanzos?, i o Tonecho, ese home é un crack.Un bo vicio.

  35. I have a pair of red skinnies … but seeing that skinny is not in my vocab, I've worn them once, with a long, semi-flowy top … I'll get more brave after I lose this piano I've been draggin' along the last year or two 🙂 You ROCK those skinnies!!! 🙂 Gorgeous as always!

  36. What beautiful trees! I love the one rising above that amazing ornate iron fence! The architecture of the buildings are beautiful. It’s understandable that some would prefer to walk rather than take the metro, considering the views. I recall seeing some paintings of Paris in the rain….. this post brought back that memory. I think it was the yellow umbrella. My son proposed to his fiance’ in Paris last year. I’ve never been….maybe someday. Beautiful photos! xx

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  42. / “The success rate of HRO contracts is bad to dismal”…based on what? Then to come back with, “The key indicator is how well you’ve structured your partnership.” Is that your perspective or is there some evidence, research, study you can refer us to?

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  46. This is easy…the second one, by far is more legible. Coming from a publishing background, the book needs to be visually appealing and the second design works best as far as graphic boldness. The “How To” is compelling, in that you are about to teach the reader how to do something.

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  52. I’m so glad you posted this! The majority of vegetables we had at dinner were either from a can or in a salad, so greens are a whole new ballgame for me. In a blip of adventurism, I bought a beautiful bunch of collards at the farmers market yesterday with no idea how to cook them. I’m glad there’s a healthier way than cooking them in a ton of fat and I appreciate the tips for how to cut the bitterness :]

  53. fOIS—Thank you from your friendly OCD type! Another plus of NYC is window shopping & people watching. Distraction & entertainment combined. Great idea-triggers when you're stuck. It's free + the exercise is an added benefit!Caroline—Your suggestions are terrific! Any one will often do the trick to liberate a hassled & overwhelmed writer.Deb—You're so right! Let's hear it for delegating & using our executive abilities as well as our creative talents.

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  56. I have a confession, when I say "catch up on Doctor Who" I totally mean "Start Watching" because the only Doctor Who episodes I've ever seen are from the First Doctor, yikes. But Pinterest has clued me into the insanity of awesome that is the new stuff. Just haven't gotten around to it yet.

  57. This tax issue is a serious issue. The same applicable to National Orthopaedic Hospital Igbobi Lagos. I was paying tax of 12,000 Naira Monthly before, only last month Nov. It jumped to 45,000 Naira Monthly. l wonder how much our parliamentarian in the state and Federal house of assembly are actually paying, and yet there is fuel scarcity, no good road and water. They only borrow all this idea from western world to inflict hardship on the masses. The fuel subsidy they removed last year what have they done with it?

  58. Abby, Thank you for posting all of this. I want you to know that you comforted me as a mother would at the Fort Worth 40 Days for Life opening Rally. I will never forget that you put your arms around me and spoke sorrowful murmurings and I wept out the fact that I had a past involving 3 abortions and 1 ectopic pregnancy. It is 8 years since I was touched and made right with God, and 1 year since my Rachel’s Vinyard Retreat. My grief is overwhelming at times, but you have made my journey more bearable as you speak out in honesty and love……..

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  66. Hey Steve, This is kindof off topic, but I had just read your brilliant Harry Potter article. If I remember correctlty, Draco and his father are described as dark haired in the book, so here is another case of your blond Hollywood bad boy thesis. Also, check out Radcliffe's background to see what theyre really thinking. Once you learn to expect it, Hollywood culture is replete with this sort of symbolism.

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  72. It took a whole bunch of scientists to work this out? All they had to do was ask people who hate their jobs, and they would have told them how it made them sick, but you don’t quit until you have found another job, which makes you even sicker.

  73. Really, I don’t see how anyone could approve of the criminal-in-chief. He has not done a thing for the economy. Jobs are still scarce and unemployment is pretty high. That 9.6% doesn’t include those whose unemployment ran out. BO is the worst ever. He is the biggest criminal. Our country is going in the worst direction in history.

  74. Any business that puts its own needs ahead of the customer/patient will always fail eventually.Is that what doctors are doing with these clinics? I personally don’t know. If they are, they better read my statement above and figure out how it is illogial. If they can’t do that, they better change before it is too late.

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  77. Tu sais, lors d'échanges avec une autre blogueuse belge, j'avais eu le même problème avec son premier colis (mais qui a quand même fini par arriver 4mois plus tard, pas mal)et ensuite elle m'avait dit avoir trouvé une autre formule qui permettait le suivi (au même prix que l'autre) et qui a vu en effet ses colis arriver quelques jours après leur envoi…

  78. I’m going to say Michael, but I’m probably wrong. I doubt it’s Ben only because I don’t think Jack has any affection for him, plus I think he’ll be around a while longer. I’m guessing we’ll be surprised when we find out who it is.Scotty Dubs last blog post..

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