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  1. Ingrid Ja vi er ikke uenige om det pragmatiske, i oljelandet s̴ tror jeg de fleste slike problemer kan overvinnes;) Jeg synes ikke at det er opp til staten ̴ bestemme hvilke typer abort som er riktig og ikke. Det betyr ikke at jeg synes det er topp at folk tar abort Рmen det er prisen ̴ betale for selvbestemmelse. Ellers s̴ er det jo helt illusorisk. Likestilling for funkasjonshemmede er noe jeg mener det m̴ jobbes med i samfunnet, ikke gjennom ̴ begrense informasjonen til gravide.

  2. And I bet you don’t wear leather soled boots, either. And you trim your thumbnail too short. Dang, you really are up a creek out there in the middle of the desert. I feel your pain (no, not really)I just strike on the frame of the wood stove where the door will cover it. But then, I also lay my fires up-side-down. As for responsible forest…well, my guess is it’d be an upstanding one, as opposed to those lay down on the job ones like they discovered after Sandy passed through. =0)

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  4. Nancy Atkinson – These are just incredible! I love the outdoor photos – very cool. Thank goodness these turned out so well because all of mine were losers.It was a fabulous wedding – enjoyed by all of us lucky enough to be there to share your special day. Congratulations!

  5. Im learning programming and designing so i can be a game designer and after a while im planning on adding a few things to Spore to inprove it greatly. ie random evolution requirements like volcanic eruptions and continental shifts and ice ages, NPC species evolution, the ability to choose a creature type (mammal, reptile, bird, fish, amphibian, comination of 2), etc.

  6. Vantu trebuia sa intre la parnaie mai demult, pentru altceva. Ce a facut acum doar el stie, si nu cred ca doar pe baza unei casete. Mai sunt si alte dovezi despre care presa nu a aflat nimic. Iar daca iese PDL-ul, again, ma voi gandi serios sa plec din tara, nu din cauza politicienilor ci din cauza oamenilor care ii voteaza.

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  10. La religion est un vecteur commode pour la violence (multiples justifications « divines » etc..), donc elle a bien a voir la dedans. C’est en particulier vrai quand la religion a une pretention politique, ce qui lui donne encore plus de pouvoir sur les individus, et qu’elle a ete cree sur une base violente (par exemple par un individu lui-meme violent).

  11. Buss, Mitch, Phil, Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Odom, Artest, Brown, Fisher, Barnes, and Blake. And in that amazing order. If it were not for Buss and Mitch behind Kobe and Lamar would still be Smush, Walton, Mihm, Kwame, and Cook. Wait? How did Kobe take those guys to game 7 against the Suns? Maybe I should have put Kobe #1

  12. Happy Birthday Stella 🙂 Sorry about your misadventure. I remember a similar confusion when we first moved to the UK. I was so tickled at the thought of being able to walk down the road to go to the local grocer… but often, it would be closed because my 24/7 ideals were not reality. Of course, once I got there, there would be no tortillas… siiigh. It took a bit to adapt.

  13. Parece que la Ciudadania empieza a boicotear los programas estupidos de televisa y tv azteca … Es un gran logro que al fin , la realidad de éstas nefastas, corruptas, malevolas, malintencionadas, malinformadoras televisoras tengan su “premio” al no ver ratings favorables en sus negocios de publicidad en sus canales… ASI es como la Ciudadania se “COBRA” sus marrullerias, sus engañosas mal-informaciones !! NO VER NINGUN JUEGO OLIMPICO EN TELEVISA NI EN TV AZTECA !! NO COMPRAR NADA QUE ANUNCIEN !!! NO COMPRAR SUS REVISTAS !! NO COMPRAR EXCELSIOR !! …NI EL UNIVERSAL !! .. NI MILENIO !! NO COMPRAR EL SOL DE MEXICO !!

  14. What swims under the ice of an ephemeral pond, watching the slow shadows from below? Nothing that can’t live half the year without water, suspended, provisional, like a word from a language that nobody speaks anymore.…This pond has almost as little in it as a geode, sliced open so we can feast our eyes on the unrepeatable, inorganic growths.These lines just knocked me down, Dave.

  15. Talk about twisting facts. Enstrom may have credentials, but his record shows him to be highly discredited. Paid by the tobacco industry, he manipulated the data in the past to say that smoking is good for your health. One thing to have credentials, what one does with it matters more. I would not trust this guy. He has a agenda of his own.

  16. My dad, my bro and I would go out every Halloween for hours — hours, I say — with one goal: to collect more candy than the years previous. We did this living in Minnesota. And, even through the Halloween blizzard of ’91 we trudged through the blinding snow, door to door, collecting our loot (this is no exaggeration). There is no way that I will be driving my kids door-to-door (who does that? – though the previous poster’s situation makes it acceptable ). I will be walking with them every step of the way and helping them sort out the stash when we get home. What has the world come to? haha

  17. I should be able to shoot for 6:30 to meet in Manteca. We’ll have plenty of time on the trail Friday to make it to Buck Island – I was pondering perhaps splitting the group at Old Sluice and having some folks go over the slabs and others do Old Sluice with more capable rigs, but we’ll see – it might not work out. Camp fire may be possible, check the El Dorado forest web site for a permit/any restrictions. There is usually no wood available along the trail to use.Art

  18. I felt the previous 2 winnings has boosted the team tremendously and the players are working for each other rather than off each other. And when Didier started defending the ball from the mid-line, we know something has change for the better and kudos to Guus (and also Ray). Tonights match is all about possessions and breaking the Italian back-four with smart bursting runs. My only hope is that Didier gets a goal which might turn his season around completely. “In hopes we have, with faith we will be…” KTBFFH!!!Reply

  19. if what happened in jos ,ANPP rally did not happen ANPP need no merger to defeat PDP,the north was not patent enough for the real democrat,in that part to evolve a real democrtic part,and i know for sure,this merger with TINUBU,IS going to be a repeat of that show in jos 2007 ,ANPP need no merger with ACN.because ACN is not better than ,PDP,even we all know it

  20. hahaha, sensasi ciuman pertama itu… semacem hal yang ga bisa lo dapetin lagi seumur hidup lo, jadi manfaatin sebaik”nya (maksudnya dengan orang yang udah bener” klop di hati) | tips aja nih, kalo untuk cowo yang mau ngajakin, lo mesti yakin kalo pasangan lo udah bener” cinta, yang bisa menerima lo apa adanya | nice post nih, jarang ada yang post beginian :3

  21. Hippocampe: yay, I'm fashionable! :)coffeeaddict: most people around here wear reflective vests – they are incredibly efficient – but occasionally you'll see a parent pushing a baby carriage, and the parent might wear reflectors but the carriage has none. Those types of situations always scare me!

  22. bet you have a whole bunch of friends and family who love you.Oh wait, your that child who sits on his own, trolling people because it makes you think your bigger and better then someone, when in fact you are not, and never will be.Face it, your never going to get anywhere in life, so your the one who should die, because there is no point in you living.

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  24. Awww, your baby girl is adorable! 🙂 Date night? What's that? 😉 Hubs and I try hard to schedule them, but something about parenthood complicates matters! LOL! Date night for us is a trip to the grocery store!Stopping by from 5 Minutes For Mom! Hope you're having a great Wednesday!

  25. Hi Ben,Thanks for the note. Issues aside, I like the site, have won a couple of prizes, so it’s working as far as I’m concerned.Only other issues was the monthly reset didn’t really rest all money. I happened to keep mine via the play the people, but it did seam unfair.

  26. Thank you Jho for your response. I did not see it til months later. I am not that familiar with electronics….particularly computers. I have to smile at myself..didn’t know that Jho was a man’s name..I thought it was initials for something..here we spell your name differently..Joe. The way you describe Ben is exactly how I have felt about him. We do keep in contact with each other via the marvels of the internet. Good Luck from your new American Friend, Helane

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  29. Super Beitrag! Voll auf die Zwölf! Zumal Antisemiten wie der Watzal jetzt frohlocken: “Broder und das SWC haben dazu beigetragen, dass das „Antisemitismus-Stigma“ ein für alle Mal perdu ist. ” – Klar, er versucht sich jetzt reinzuwaschen. Aber, den braunen Dreck bekommt er nicht ab!

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  34. I'm shocked that no-one mentioned Charlie, Hai Karate, 'the splash it all over great smell of Brut' or Old Spice! On the other hand can't really think of anything much this current decade … Were we just obsessed with how we smelt at that time – teenagers, so possibly – or was it just due to Massive Marketing? Nothing of course, beats the smell of warm wippitt feet, burning hoof when the farrier calls, or saddle-soaped leather, all of which also have good associations – but hard to slap a bit of them behind your ears …

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  39. First: your recaps are full of win and sunshine.Second: After reading them, I’ve decided that SMeyer’s work is the most cracktastic crackfic ever written.Third: I am no longer embarrassed about my fandoms. One may feature mycorrhizoid-burning dragons, another four-foot-high elves, and the last magic-using, nymphasatyrimaniac hermaphrodites, but Twilight beats them all for sheer batshit insanity.

  40. This is so uncanny or u may call it serendipity. I’ve just finished reading Gilbert’s book-Eat Pray and Love and I just chanced upon this website. This is amazing. I like the book very much especially the part when Richard, the texan telling her to let go of David. I read and reread it over. It made so much sense. I’ve been through it all. I recommnend all women (who are working on their lives) to read it.

  41. zephyr The resurgence of superstition in the guise of religion is making the people in our country more stupid. It is also making us the butt of jokes in more civilized regions of the world. Freedom of religion also means freedom FROM religion. We are better served in this country when religion is a personal matter and doesn’t infiltrate government. The founders knew this and addressed it often. Let’s all try to meet the challenges of the future by not going backwards eh? Don’t be afraid of knowledge, and don’t be afraid to re-examine what you may think is knowledge.

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  45. I have been staring at Love Songs for Machines for a while, but sadly I am a high school student and have even less money than college students. Maybe my parents will buy it for me for graduation (forlorn hope)–otherwise, I hope it finds a good home with someone else! It is lovely.

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  58. Same here, tears and tears…this shooting has devastated the whole state. Everyone keeps saying that they never thought something like this could happen in Connecticut…but to me it has happened so often in this last year that it feels like it is happening everywhere. I walked into a local mall the night that it happened and a woman working in Macy's was wailing in such anguish and being held by a coworker. She had just been told that a family member was killed. I've never seen such a thing…Praying for the Lord to ease the bottomless grief of these families.

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  64. in the previous comment, that while “professional history is already collaborative, [it is so] in a way that mystifies the temporal and social relationships underwriting the work.” We’re collaborative without really acknowledging that collaboration, and because of this lack of acknowledgement, a co-author still apparently receives less credit for a paper than if she’d authored it alone. My issue and argument isn’t so much that we now should and can collaborate in ways that we couldn’t before (although I do think that door is opening), but that stated collaboration shouldn’t be second class in our culture and our epistemology.

  65. Joer tio, si te entran dudas con solo 6€ de si debes hacer lo correcto o quedarte con el dinero… Luego ni se te ocurra criticar a un político que se debaten entre más pasta para no ser honrado, xD.Es broma, muy bien hecho Bocabit, advertir a los demás de ese tipo que vende destornilladores de plastelina es lo correcto.

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  67. Nom, this disaster proves all Armageddonists wrong.There are no riots, no uprisings, no gangs, nothing but cooperation and support between neighbors and strangers alike. Guns and ammo are again largely useless, and you know that I am pro-gun.I think the Armageddonists need to rethink their world-view.

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  233. Acho que é um balanço que deve­mos todos fazer, não acre­dito que tenham sido só os outros a fazer o país que temos agora…Claro que nem tudo é para pior, o que quis ten­tar dizer nesta pequena fic­ção é de que muito do que muda nem sequer é o mais impor­tante. Como bem diz as men­ta­li­da­des muda­ram pouco, no meio de uma soci­e­dade de con­sumo que parece tudo esconder…Resta fazer o melhor que pude­mos e não desistir…Obrigado pelo comentário!

  234. Motherwell and bballpants,That would the be the brilliant negotiation skills of Vivek. The podcast went on hold because some of us were busy. Vivek brought it back with the bargaining chip of “10 minutes”, which I liked. That lasted about a week 🙂 Much like the Lakers may have promised Gasol + Bynum only to turn the tables, Vivek promised pithy podcasts, which quickly went away 🙂

  235. Da mio archivio storico: Giro lungo (Molina di Fiemme) con Monte Sover e ritorno da Pinè fanno 117 Km circa 1800 m. dislivello circa ore 4,30 Giro corto (Pont de l’Amicizia) sono circa 85 Km. 1300 m. dislivello circa ore 3,30ciao. BDBike

  236. I agree that asking about inspiration’s a really tough question to answer. I don’t know one singular place it pops up from – it’s there!I’ve got a sketch book, but I’ve recently started writing in a personal journal again, and it’s hugely comforting. Both stories of my life, in addition to things that inspire me. It really keeps the creative juices flowing, hehehe.Great journal entry! In itself inspiring!

  237. ehehehÉ verdade, parece que a Isabel vai dar ao Carlos o mesmo destino que o Jorge deu ao Eduardo. A desculpa foi a ligação do filho Eduardo a uma mulher divorciada, mas a verdadeira razão era ser simpatizante do nazismo.No caso do Carlos, vamos ver qual vai ser a desculpa e a verdadeira razão.